Posted November 13, 2017

An article that deals with the specifics of the new pilot roadside drug testing program, going on in 5 Michigan counties.

Posted April 4, 2017

We have a lot going on in Lansing including two bills – HB-4306 & SB-160.  HB4306 is a small fee increase on plates to fund motorcycle awareness and ed. SB160 is to clarify the “autocycle” definition which includes the Polaris “Slingshot”.  The legislature is on Easter break until April 18 but there will still be staff in their offices.  We are having a “Legislative Day” at the Capitol on Wednesday April 19 @ 9:30 a.m. and need people there.  We need you and your members to contact the legislators offices in your Region about HB-4306 and ask their staff to find out where their office stands.  We need this done this week.  We want their support on 4306. We have gotten some push back because some legislators are calling the fee increases a “tax”.  If you have any questions or need additional info please contact me via e-mail or phone.  Remember the Freedom Rally in Lansing on May 31.  BE THERE!!!

Please contact Alice @ 586-757-0939 or by email @ for all the information needed.

Update April 6, 2017

Here is a story on how Michigan Senator Gary Peters has formed a new federal government caucus, along with U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, to advocate for issues on behalf of motorcyclists










HB5438 – Mandating motorcycle awareness in driver’s education was referred to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.  Members should contact the chairman of the Committee, Wayne Schmidt and ask him to get the bill moving, by bringing it up for testimony and a vote.  Contact information for all members of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee here:


Please check out the link below for legislative day.. We would like to get some members to each date…


Let us help you get registered to vote, if one is not registered already and here is the link to the online file of registration deadlines:


And here is the link to the online voter registration form – you can fill it out online, but it has to be printed, signed and then mailed (or dropped off) at the local city clerk’s office: