Okay it is September only a couple more months of good weather for riding.  Soon the leaves will be changing colors and those will be our rides to see.  I hope everyone has been sending emails and letters about SB528.  We must change this insanity that has been created.  I use the word insanity because that is truly what it is, extreme foolishness and irrationality.  Motorcycles are connected to human life as much as any car or truck and should be treated the same.  They must follow the same rules of the road, they get crunched when they get hit.  Scraped when they are knocked down.  However, because of the lack of armor around the rider, that person usually gets more damage.  Now because of the change in insurance that took effect July 1st we do not and cannot get the same coverage as a car driver, or even a pedestrian walking across the street.  So, can you see why I connect Insanity to this problem?  Please contact our legislation make them understand why this needs to change.  Support of SB528 is what needs to happen make this piece of Insanity go away.

Now for another piece of Insanity…… Covid-19.  Mask up Social Distance, verbs added to our Vocabulary in 2020. Let me try and define or explain my thoughts on mask up and social distance.  Or at least tell you my opinion on what we need to do with these two ideas.  September is upon us now and region 11 has three weekends worth of runs.  Hopefully, we can still do these runs and support those that need to be supported and support us.  First would be the weekend of the 12th and 13th.  ABATE Harley bike drawing at the Lumberman park the 12th, Boobapalooza Sunday the 13th.  Shine on for Shelby.. Ride to Shine Sunday the 20th.  ABATE of Michigan Region Eleven’s Summer Tour Party at the Blind Pike on Sunday the 27th.  Three weeks in a row worth of events that we need to attend.  But how does Mask Up and Social Distance play into this?  Well please sit back and let me explain.  All three of those weekends have establishments that help support us so we need to support them.  Our Governor has enacted executive orders that are telling them to enforce masks and social distance.  I know I don’t need to define mask up or social distance we’re all smart enough and have heard it long enough to know what that those things are.  What I do want to define is what we should do.  What I think we should do because they support and help us is at least Mask Up.

We all need to understand these establishment can have their livelihood effected because we are being selfish and only thinking of the discomfort, we are asked to endure while wearing a mask.  Put the mask on wear it in the establishment, sit down take it off it is that simple.  Have respect for those that are respecting us.  Fight your fight without including people that might not want to take your side right now.  Right now, just Mask Up make everyone that is watching us see we can conform to what they think is required.  Enjoy September Mask Up and Ride Free…..

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