Meeting June 24, 2020

7:03 pm Pledge of Allegiance


SB528 – Still in committee. No movement. Jim Rhodes to have meeting this week with legislative leaders to try and get movement. Kyra Bolden (D – district 35) sponsored House companion bill HB5677, along with Region 11 Rep Lori Stone. Although bill does not specify motorcyclists, I spoke with Lori Stone on 6.19.20 and she told me how pedestrians, bicycle riders, and anyone NOT in a motor vehicle, but is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, those individuals are bound by the car driver’s chosen limits, and she is feeling pressure from constituents to get it fixed. Also spoke with Jim Rhodes who confirmed Kyra Bolden’s bill, and told me that Ms. Bolden told him he could add anything he wanted to the bill (motorcyclists). Lori Stone’s call was to ask me to get a rally together in support of the PIP choice bills. It was her opinion if we pushed hard now, we could get the bill up for a vote before summer recess. She wanted rally for 6.24.20 as they adjourn for summer recess on 6.26.20. Jim & state not interested in helping her out. So, pressure for passage will be after elections, after riding season, and most likely after some members suffer bankrupting losses due to accidents.

Attended TownHall for the new insurance changes coming on 7.2.20. Highlights:

• PIP coverage choices require completion of a 4-page document.
• Bodily Injury/Property Damage (BI/PD) liability choices require completion of another 1-page form.
• Both forms must be completed, initialed, and signed or you will be given unlimited PIP and your BI/PD will be set at the $250,000/$500,000 level.
• There is new optional level of $50,000/$100,000 for BI/PD liability.
• At fault drivers can be sued by other car drivers involved in the accident if the PIP coverage selected by the injured party does not cover all his medical expenses.
• PIP savings are mandated for the next eight years.
• Seniors with Medicare Parts A&B can opt out of PIP entirely.
• All needed forms can be found at
• Contact information for Department of Insurance & Financial Services (DFIS) is:
o 833.ASK.DFIS (275.3437)

DFIS will handle all complaints from consumers about the new auto insurance law.
If your policy is due to renew and you have not heard from your insurance company/agent, contact them. The insurance company will renew your policy at the default levels of unlimited PIP and the $250,000/$500,000 BI/PD if they are not advised, via the forms that you wish to change your levels.

This is an election year; do your research primary elections 8.5.20, and general election 11.3.20.
Of the candidates running for Region 11 reps/senators, nine of them are question marks; we need to find out where those 9 stand on motorcycle issues.

Legislative Days for 2020 (all are Wednesdays except for 2.20 which is a Thursday):

• September 16
• September 29 – Freedom Rally on the Capitol steps
• October 14

July 12 COC Scorpions Club House

July 25 – Parisville Pig Roast. All money going to Region 11 besides alcohol sales. 4 stamps in the book.

August 1 Rick Dahn – Second Annual Memorial Ride. Start and finish at Imlay City Eagles. Arrive time 11amish. 4 local establishments in the ride that were Rick’s favorite places. If you want to ride with ABATE members meet at Chicky’s by 10 am and kickstands up at 10:15 am.

Meeting adjourned 7:39 pm Paul motioned, Tony second