Meeting Notes

Region eleven’s meetings are up and running at 100%.  First Wednesday of the month Chicky’s Paradise in Almont at 7:30 pm.  Last Wednesday of the month Total Sports in Harrison Twp at 7:00 pm. 

Now let me tell you what you have missed in the last couple of months at the meetings.  We have had Dondi Vesprini ABATE’s Lawyer, Jim Rhoades Legislative Officer, Lisa Damon Director of Community Relations working for Doug Wozniak, and Don Brown Commissioner District 7 Macomb.  This all started in June moved into July and we are hoping we can keep this kind of a format going.  These meetings have been highly informative allowing us to have the knowledge needed to contact Lansing getting support for HB4809. It has been confirmed that Region Eleven has sent 48 letters to Lansing.  These letters are not only asking for support of HB4809 but also Thanking House Rep Doug Wozniak and Jeff Yaroch for sponsoring the bill.  I am immensely proud of the fact that Region Eleven has two people for sure on our side in Lansing.  Come to a meeting help us contact Lansing let’s get more of those people on our side this is how Grass Root Politics works.  Instead of saying it is not working come out and help us fix what is not working.  On a side note, if you have contacted with a letter or phone call anyone in Lansing, we need feedback from that contact.  Best way to let me know what was said is at a meeting, because guess what I am at every meeting.

Runs for August, we have the Memorial Ride for Ricky D August 7th.  This starts at the Imlay City Eagles 170 S. Almont Ave, you guessed it Imlay City.  The Family of Rick Dahn gives ABATE of Michigan Region 11 monies donated to this run for us to support Motorcycle Awareness.  Ricky D was hit and killed at the incredibly young age of 54, by a person that did not care.  So please come out support this memorial while letting the Dahn family support us in our never-ending quest of Motorcycle Awareness. 

Our summer tour books are out and going strong.  However, because of the Covid if you have purchased a book and are doing the tour, please call the stop to make sure they are open.  That is the only complaint we have heard for the Tour Book this year.  Do not worry we have compiled a list of stops that are having a hard time being open and everyone will get credit for these stops.

September is going to be remarkably busy.  September 12th is the Famous Booba Palooza run 11:00 am starts at Cascaddan Lounge 4099 S Lapeer Rd.  September 19th Ride to Shine or Shine on For Shelby starting at Chicky’s Paradise in Almont 10:30 am.  Come out and support those that support us.  You can get this information on Facebook, Our Web Page, and at a Meeting.

Enjoy life, Ride Safe.

Fact: 86-page bill passed by the Governor at 2:00 am and it passed in 47 hours when it usually takes 4-6 months.

Please contact your house representative now about this issue. Also, contact your Senator.

Treasury Report: N/A

Awareness:  We have 6 billboards across the area. Think Twice Save a Life

New Business: Lapeer Bike Night starts June 4, 2021. Also, on this date will be Blessing of the Bikes. We have a booth that will be there. We will be selling books and have legislation letters for signatures for House Bill 4809.

A motion was made by Patty to obtain a new ticket barrel; not to exceed $100. Del second. All in favor.

A motion was made by Tony for $75 towards a banner to be used at Lapeer Bike Night and beyond to have information about House Bill 4809. All in favor.

Adjourned: 8:00 pm. Motion to adjourn by Tony. All in favor.