ABATE of Michigan


November 20, 2019, Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order:

  • At 19:05 pm

Pledge of Allegiance:

  • Led by Krispy

Officers Present:

  • Present: Arnold, Patty, Cowboy, Paula, Tiny,
  • Absent Officers: Alice, Tony

Treasury Report:

  • Read by Patty

Legislative Report:

  • N/A

Officer or Chair Reports/Ride Committee Report:

  • Summer tour update by Snooks. Committee meeting to be held at Berville Hotel on December 3. Whomever would like to become a member of the committee please let the committee know. Boomers will be going back into the book also with more stops than last year. Region 10 to start a book with help from Region 11.
  • RC meeting was impressive with 52 members present.
  • COC meeting December 26 at Liberty Riders Clubhouse.
  • Seminar January 16, 18, 19

Unfinished or Old Business:

  • N/A

New Business:

  • Voting took place for RC position between Tiny and Snooks. Snooks nominated by members as new RC for Region 11. Snooks to take over in January. Tiny and Arnold to stay on as Co-RC.
  • Voting took place for Paula to become Secretary. Paula nominated by members to become new Secretary. All other officers to stay the same.
  • Cowboy nominated Maxine for a voluntary position as Area Coordinator. Maxine accepted. Approved by all. We need more members to help with this voluntary position.
  • Member of the Year voted in by all members to Rich Snooks. Motion to accept by Tiny. 2nd by Sarge. Approved by all.
  • Bruce suggested changing venues periodically for monthly meetings. Still undecided.


  • Update by Cowboy

Motion to adjourn:

  • Made by Tiny seconded by Cowboy. Approved by all. Meeting adjourned at 19:50 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Paula Tocco Region 11 Secretary